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AIM is a state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre servicing the requirements of the UK’s independent security installers.

We are a company with an impressive heritage, possessing more than 20 years experience in developing and implementing monitoring solutions for leading security installers throughout the country.

Our skilled and dynamic team of professionals are dedicated to challenging traditional boundaries to provide monitoring solutions that embrace fresh and forward thinking.

AIM’s world-class infrastructure is unrivalled in the industry and our competitive pricing structure allows independent security installers to provide effective and affordable monitoring solutions.

We believe that alarm monitoring really does matter.

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Coronavirus Covid-19 Update

As we all react and adapt to the (Covid-19) outbreak, AIM are working very hard to make sure your services run smoothly. Unfortunately, virus quarantine measures have now had an effect on our Administration team who have now been requested to be fully operational within their home environment.

That’s why, for the first time ever, we’re asking all our Installers and customers to work with us and email for any Administration queries, as our incoming telephone numbers are not transferrable to individual home phones or mobile numbers. We will do our utmost to respond back to you within 24hrs, if not quicker.

Please be assured that our Sales, Support, 24hr Contact Centre and Alarm Receiving Centre Operations are fully functional until further notice.

If you wish to speak to our Account Managers direct, please feel free to call them direct on the numbers listed below:

• Mike McHale (07730 052439)
• Tony Norton (07703 338854)
• Ms Teribeth Houghton (07815 679988)
• Christina Parry (07955 574923)
• Sam Goth (07811 990154)

We really appreciate your patience and understanding and thanks for bearing with us.

Please take care of yourself and your immediate families during these difficult times.

CSL Router Now Available to Order from AIM

The CSL Router offers instant 4G connectivity for CCTV, HVAC, EAS, Access Control, Payment Terminals and much more.

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AIM is an NSI GOLD Category 2 Alarm Receiving Centre

AIM SecureTest Engineer's App

AIM has a new mobile application for engineers which allows secure access to your monitored
customer’s information via a smart phone. This allows engineers to place systems on/off test
and easily navigate the history to ensure systems are set up correctly.

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Working with the UK’s top signalling providers

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