Digital Communicator

Digital Communicator (or ‘digi’) is coming to the end of its useful life especially with the proposed demise of the PSTN network

Digital communicators or Digi’s as commonly known use the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to pass messages to our ARC. Telecoms providers have all said that they will be switching this network off completely by 2025, migrating voice calls to the ALL IP network.

This process will be gradual at first and then will be ramped up as the 2025 deadline approaches.

This means that Installers need to start planning now for the day their customers switch leaving the digi useless.

Download the white paper for a full explanation.

AIM strongly advise Installers to cease installing Digi’s immediately and seek alternative future proof methods of contacting our ARC.

Click here to download a White Paper on the Decline of PSTN

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