Monitored Open/Closed

AIM monitor Open/Closed signals from customer premises to record when the property’s system was armed/disarmed.

Opening (Armed) / Closing (Disarmed) Reports

Opening and Closing are the signals sent by an alarm panel to the Alarm Receiving Centre to indicate that the system has been Disarmed (Opening) or Armed (Closing). It is recommended that all systems are set up to send open and close signals to assist with alarm handling.

The Open/Closed terms carry over from the days when businesses were the primary users of alarm systems, and it was necessary to know when a store opened and closed each day.

However we can do more than just log the signals, if required we can monitor and respond to late to close and early open signals so that your customers can monitor any violations of the agreed times that the premises should be open, helping your customer with fraud or potential hold up of staff.

We can also produce reports of opening and closing times on an agreed frequency.

These activations and reports are an additional service to monitoring and have an additional annual fee.

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