Automatic Alarm Handling

AIM’s automated alarm handling system handles lower priority alarms, thereby freeing operators to deal with high priority life alarms such as Fire, Personal Attack and Confirmed Intruder.

Introducing “Alex”, AIM’s state-of-the-art automated alarm handling system.

In the event of a lower priority alarm being generated by your customer’s alarm system (such as power/signalling failure or unconfirmed intruder alarm), Alex will call your customer’s key holders in sequence to deliver details of the site and the type of alarm. She will ask them if they are happy to accept the alarm by pressing a number on their telephone keypad. If they are unable to accept the alarm, or if Alex gets an answering machine, she will automatically call the next key holder.

Why is Alex so helpful?

Alex allows AIM to concentrate on protecting your customers’ property by:

  • Giving priority response to alarm activations
  • Allowing AIM operators to give priority to more important life alarms such as Fire, Personal Attack and Confirmed Intruder
  • Improving accuracy and reducing the potential for human error

What changes will your customer see?

When an alarm is received, Alex will look to see if it is a lower priority alarm that she can deal with, if it is, she will take the alarm and proceed to make calls, following the key holder list.

Alex will call the first key holder, and identify herself to the person answering the call. If she encounters an answering machine she is intelligent enough to detect this and will move onto the next key holder.

She will give the details of the alarm event, the site name, address and time of the alarm. The person will then be asked if they will accept responsibility for the alarm and if they accept, they are informed that the alarm will be cleared from our alarm queue.

If we do not get an answer, or the person declines to take responsibility for the alarm it moves on to the next contact until the list is exhausted and the event is then suspended for a set time period. After this time the contacts will be attempted again.

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