Fire Test VRT and Schedule Testing

Using this service your customers can place their fire alarm on test at their own convenience simply by calling our FREEPHONE number and following the easy prompts.

Alternatively if your customer regularly tests their fire alarm at the same tile each week then Schedule testing is the best solution.

Easy Fire Test Mode Activation

Customers can easily put their fire alarm system into test by calling our dedicated FREEPHONE number and once fire test is complete, simply call the same number again to put the system back into full service. It’s as easy as that!

VRT fire testing is good practice as there are many benefits to it:

  • Free phone number (0800 032 0282)
  • No call queues
  • Fast & convenient
  • Testing for up to 8 hours
  • Check signals received

Fire Scheduling

If VRT fire testing is not an option, then you may wish to offer your customers’ a fire testing schedule. This will allow your customer to carry out a weekly test during a specific time window.

On the selected day and at the selected time the Fire Alarm remote signaling will go on test and a text (or email if preferred) will be sent to the responsible person advising that the system has gone on test for the agreed duration.

Any fire signals will be texted or emailed to the nominated responsible person / Fire tester requested.

If no text has been received when the fire alarm has been tested please contact your Fire Alarm Installer

Please note that this service is not active if a text or email notification has not been received from AIM advising of test start.

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