Alarm Monitoring

From our dual ARC’s, AIM is able to action your customer’s alarm and contact the emergency services if required.

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

A professionally installed, maintained and monitored intruder alarm system is a significant deterrent to crime. In today’s demanding business environment, insurance companies and police forces are recommending that installed alarms should be monitored.

Our world class Alarm Receiving Centres provide a 24-hour alarm monitoring service, giving you total peace of mind.

We provide intruder alarm monitoring using digital communicator, single/dual path grade 2 – 4 as well as IP signalling types, depending on your end users specific requirements.

How the system is set up dictates our response to the alarm signal – be it inform the police (if a Unique Reference Number is attached) or simply call a keyholder.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

If a building is occupied when a fire breaks out, then the fire alarm is an excellent means of someone letting the fire & rescue agency know that there is a genuine fire.

However, what if the building is unoccupied? How will the fire & rescue agency be notified in a timely manner? In many cases insurers do not specify a system with remote signaling, however the loss to both end users property and the subsequent impact the fire can have on future business is substantial.

We recommend that in all cases, fire alarm systems be connected to our ARC so that we can quickly call the fire & rescue agency and keyholders on your behalf, minimising damage and potentially saving lives and property.

Other Monitoring Solutions

At AIM we do not just monitor intruder/fire systems. We can in fact monitor a whole range of things from freezers through to environmental alarms. We are willing to look at all scenarios so please do contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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