Technology & Services

AIM support a wide variety of services using state-of-the-art technology to provide market-leading monitoring solutions.

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

From our dual ARC’s, aim is able to action your customers alarm and contact the emergency services if required.

MASweb Internet Access

Managing the requirements of the NSI and SSAIB requires information about the performance of your customers’ alarms. MASweb from aim provides that information.


AIM has a new mobile application for engineers which allows secure access to your monitored customer’s information via a smart phone. This allows engineers to place systems on/off test and easily navigate the history to ensure systems are set up correctly.

Our customers can interact with the ARC without the need to speak with an operator.

Automatic Alarm Handling

AIM’s automated alarm handling system “Alex” handles lower priority alarms, thereby freeing operators to deal with high priority life alarms such as Fire, Personal Attack and Confirmed Intruder.

Out Of Hours Call Handling

AIM offer a comprehensive and resilient out-of-hours call handling service which allows you to divert your phones or put our number on your answerphone.

Fire VRT and Schedule Testing

Using this service your customers can place their fire alarm on test at their own convenience simply by calling our FREEPHONE number and following the easy prompts. Alternatively if your customer regularly tests their fire alarm at the same tile each week then Schedule testing is the best solution.

Monitored Open/Closed

AIM monitor Open/Closed signals from customer premises to record when the property’s system was armed/disarmed.


AIM’s state of the art Remote Video Response Centre (RVRC) monitors our customers CCTV systems 24/7.

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