CSL Router Now Available to Order from AIM

The CSL Router offers instant 4G connectivity for CCTV, HVAC, EAS, Access Control, Payment Terminals and much more.

The range includes single and dual SIM options. Both send data via 4G, providing an instant, encrypted connection to the internet on sites where wired broadband is unavailable, impractical or slow.

The dual SIM option is supplied with two network diverse 4G WorldSIMs, one active and one on standby for total resilience.

The standard option comes with a single network SIM for the most cost-effective bundle. The single network option can be configured to provide back-up 4G connectivity for an existing broadband service.

CSL Router is supplied with the appropriate monthly data bundle to help manage costs and offers a fully encrypted service via our Gemini Global Platform to guarantee data is kept safe. Additionally, it can connect to an ARC for professional monitoring or be utilised as a self-monitoring solution.



Benefits of the CSL Router

  • On both single and dual SIM variants, a single static IP address allows remote access into the system without interfering with any IT infrastructure
  • Instant 4G connectivity - no waiting around for a broadband provider’s engineer
  • Supplied pre-confgured for a fast installation - making it easy for the Installer
  • Ideal where wired broadband is unavailable, limited or slow
  • Provides convenient wireless hub connectivity to other on-site Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Suitable for permanent as well as temporary installations

To find out more about the CSL Router please call us on +44 (0) 844 800 1643 or email us at info@aim-monitoring.co.uk.