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New Redcare Fire Products are available to order from AIM Monday 16th January 2018
27 April 2018
AIM is pleased to announce the two new BT Redcare products are available to order from us today.
The Redcare Secure Fire & Redcare Secure Fire IP, both of these products have third-party certification from BRE.
BT Redcare has long been a leader in the Fire signalling market with its Redcare Fire product (Classic) being well established in the marketplace.
They are the only UK Company that provides third-party, LPS 1277 certification on a fire alarm signalling system which is crucial when considering recent EU legislation, which states that Fire products must have third-party certification.
Redcare Secure Fire
* The primary path is carried via a mobile network (using an intelligent Roaming SIM) with the fixed line being used for backup  purposes.
Redcare Secure Fire IP
* The primary path is carried out using IP with the mobile network being used as the backup route.
Dual Linking
With Secure Fire and Secure Fire IP both being a derivative of their intruder signalling products allows dual linking of Fire and Intruder signalling via one device whilst fully meeting all signalling standards. 

This can mean substantial savings for installers and end-users where Fire and Intruder alarms are installed together.
Whilst some of you may already being doing this, you can now take advantage of this fully compliant product and install Fire and Intruder alarms together with Secure Fire & Secure Fire IP.
BT Redcare has recently extended their approved installer scheme to cover Fire Installers.  Membership is free and installers can sign up at redcare.bt.com/ai.
Secure Fire and Secure Fire IP are not replacements for BT Redcare Fire. They are an addition to the product portfolio which they see complementing their existing products.
For more information, please contact shigh@aim-monitoring.co.uk or contact your local Account Manager.


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